"Founded to revolutionize the way professionals in Japan are exposed to a global environment and the method in which they acquire the English language."


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English Training

Expand your English skills with our original Input/Output method™.

Fitness & Health

Maintain a healthy body and mind; essential for effective learning.

Culture Exchange

Prepare for cultural exchange both on a social and business level.

English Training

Apply and expand your English language skills in Global Salon using our original Input/Output method™. Our method is custom designed to maximize results by placing an emphasis on the practical outward usage of the English language. At Global Salon, we listen to the needs of our members and focus in on the best ways to activate the English abilities they know and learn. With a streamlined teaching and learning process, we can accommodate the busy work schedules that fulltime employees often need to manage. Surrounding this, is a friendly and comfortable environment where members and teachers can enjoy learning together.

グローバルサロンのオリジナルメソッドInput/Output method™を通じて英語力を磨きましょう。私たちのメソッドはメンバー(生徒)が最大の結果を出せるように、一人一人に合わせた実用的でアウトプットに力を入れた英語学習方法を使用しています。グローバルサロンでは、メンバーが既に持つ英語力をより実践的なものに導けるようそれぞれのニーズに寄り添いながら、最先端の教育・習得法を用いて、会社を支える役員の皆様の英語力向上のためのサポートを行います。快適でフレンドリーな環境でネイティブの先生とメンバーが一緒に効率良く自然に英語を学べます。

Fitness & Health

At the core of productivity is one's wellbeing. We believe that maintaining a healthy mind and body are essential for effective learning. We employ this concept through our various fitness activities and provision of a free healthy breakfast every day. We offer courses in yoga, stretching, jiu-jitsu and personal training as part of our weekly schedule. All of these courses are instructed in English and are fused with our idea that language output in a real and natural environment is the most effective way for learning English.


Culture Exchange

English is a globalized language, adapted and utilized by cultures all over the world. In order for businesses to communicate cross-culturally, an understanding of the variations among these adaptations is vital. With our internationally diverse teachers and staff, we offer the most genuine approach to teaching and sharing the differences that are encountered when communicating across the world in English. We prepare our members for cultural exchange and interaction both on a social and business level.


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